Child Leisure Centre


Leisure and Sport Centres are family-friendly environments where parents will often take their children for swimming lessons, sport classes, playgroups and many other activities.

Ensuring that your building is designed to be as safe as possible for young children or vulnerable adults is important.

From our Anti-Ligature Hooks designed for changing rooms to our Door Finger Guards, ideal for changing room doors and cubicles, our safety range helps to eliminate the risk of accidents occurring and allow your visitors to safely enjoy your facilities.

While our products are designed with safety at their core, we also like to solve problems for our customers. Our Socket Shield has been used in many leisure centres and gyms to prevent customers and visitors from tampering with expensive gym equipment, computers or televisions by unplugging them to more often than not, charge their own mobile phones.

Whether it’s a safety concern or a logistical problem, we will do our best to help you find the right solution for your leisure centre.

View the full range of Fingershield products to prevent finger-trapping injuries.