Fingershield Door Protection Pack – 1960mm


Contains 1 Fingershield & 1 Rearshield device to fully protect one of your doors.
Each finger guard is provided with a free 2 year warranty.

Price exclusive of VAT.

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With 40,000 door-related accidents to fingers and thumbs of children under 15 occurring each year, door safety has become an important health and safety issue.

To ensure that you can afford to install finger protection to both sides of a door, Fingershield has developed the Door Protection Pack.

With the Door Protection Pack in white you can install a Fingershield and Rearshield to one of your doors with it costing you 5% less that purchasing the both Child Door Safety products individually.

This 5% discount has been provided as we feel strongly about rewarding those who have the children in their care’s best interests at heart and want to provide the safest environment for them to learn, play and develop.

As with the individual Child Door Safety Protection products, each Door Protection Pack is provided with a Free 2 Year Guaranteed Finger Protection Warranty.

The Fingershield Door Protection Pack is available in a range of colours to complement your doors: White, Beech, Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Grey and Clear.

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White, Beech, Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Clear


Standard 1960mm Length

Product Type

Door Safety


Standard Free 2 Year Warranty


Beech, Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Clear, Grey, White