5 Benefits of PVC Strip Door Curtains in Nurseries

13th July 2019

5 Benefits of PVC Strip Door Curtains in Nurseries

At Cardea Solutions, we’ve noticed the rising trend of Nurseries and Early Years environments investing in PVC Door Curtains.

You may be wondering just what the benefits of having PVC Curtain installed in your nursery could possibly be.

Read on below to find out...

1. Encourages Free Flow Play

The use of PVC Curtains in nurseries nurtures the idea of free flow play. Encouraged by the EYFS, free flow play allows children to move freely indoors and outdoors and is said to help develop independence and decision-making skills whilst also allowing children to progress at their own pace.

2. Acts as a Barrier

Having PVC Curtains installed on your doors leading outdoors acts as a barrier to the outside and prevents debris such as leaves and dirt as well as insects and pests from getting inside.

3. Bullet System

Bullet system

Designed with a plastic bullet system, our PVC Door Strips are safe to use in an environment with young children – eliminating the common metal design of PVC Curtains. The bullet system also allows you to remove the strips easily for cleaning or if they are not required to be in use.

4. Temperature and Air Flow Control

The soft grade PVC Strips are designed with insulation properties, allowing the temperature indoors to be maintained with the door open.

5. Hands-Free Access to Openings

Having PVC Strip Curtains installed in doorways allows for hands-free access to different rooms and outdoors for both children and adults. The use of soft-grade ribbed PVC strips makes it easy for younger children to pass through.


If you would like to find out more information about using PVC Strip Door Curtains in your nursery, please give us a call on 0161 413 0766 or send us an email.