The Importance of Free Flow Play in Schools & Nurseries

24th May 2019

The Importance of Free Flow Play in Schools & Nurseries

Many nurseries and schools nowadays are veering towards ‘Free Flow Play’. So what exactly is Free Flow Play and how does it benefit a child? Read our small introductory guide to find out more…

What is Free Flow Play?

Free Flow Play is used with children in early years settings and allows children to move freely indoors and outdoors however they please.

Encourage by the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) framework, free flow play is said to provide a richer learning environment for young children.

Free Flow Play Allows Children to…

• Develop greater independence and set own rules.

• Progress at their own pace and caters to all learning styles.

• Develop decision making skills and helps practise dealing with the consequences of their choice.

• Develop an understanding of their environment and surroundings.

• Build relationships and develop creativity.

How Can We Help?

At Cardea we pride ourselves in providing only the best selection of safety products to schools, nurseries, leisure centres and more to help make the world a safer place.

As door safety specialists since 1999, we’ve teamed up with Rayflex – the UK’s largest manufacturer of PVC strip curtains – to help nurseries and schools enhance a free flow play learning environment in the safest way.

PVC Strip Curtains allow children to safely move between rooms and indoors and outdoors without the obstruction of doors or the potential of finger trapping accidents.

PVC curtains offer plenty of benefits for nurseries and schools to improve free flow learning.

The benefits of our PVC Curtains are:

• 35-50% energy savings.

• Super easy to install.

• Hands free access to openings.

• Durable, hygienic and easy to clean.

• Helps control temperature, air flow and noise.

• Acts as a barrier against insects, weather conditions and flying debris such as leaves and litter.

• 12 month warranty.

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