Who Do You Trust With the Safety of Your School?

29th September 2016

Who Do You Trust With the Safety of Your School?

Those responsible for ensuring the safety of our children in schools and nurseries, staff in offices and warehouses, the elderly in care homes, patients in hospitals and customers and visitors in stores, hotels and attractions still opt for the cheaper option when it comes to safety.

That puts at risk the very people they are responsible for, damaging the trust those people have in the institutions, attractions and shops they visit.

There are several problems with choosing safety solutions “on the cheap”, which we’d like to highlight for you now.

Expert Advice

When buy “off the shelf” from somewhere like Screwfix, for example, you don’t know if you’re buying the right solutions for your needs. Let’s take door finger guards as an example.

These are available from hardware shops and online from places like Amazon, eBay and other retailers. While you could save yourself a few pounds buying from these places, you don’t really know if it’s the right solution for the problem.

With Cardea Solutions though, while you may pay a little more for our Fingershield solution, the added value in terms of expertise and knowledge more than makes up for a small additional cost.

It comes down to who you trust – the “off the shelf” retailer or a company who has put safety at the forefront of our business since 1999.

You can also benefit from a free, no obligation door risk assessment, which provides you with a report that outlines potential risk areas and the possible solutions. That way you know where you need finger guard – and that you’ll be getting the correct solution.

As well as potentially choosing the wrong option, having poorly fitted finger guards actually pose more of a risk than having none at all. Again, our experts can advise on how to securely fit finger guards so they stay fitted. We’ve even products videos on how to do it.

Proven, Tested Hardware

With over a million Fingershield Door Finger Guards sold worldwide, their quality is proven and, above all, trusted.

We have tested Fingershield to 1.8M foot opening and closing cycles which is why we supply every Fingershield door finger guard with a 10 year guarantee. When you invest in Fingershield safety, you invest in a product you can trust.

In fact, our entire door safety range – which includes Fingershield, Fingershield PRO, Fingershield Wide Fitting and Rearshield (excluding Happy Hands) – has a 2 year warranty with options to upgrade. That’s total protection from finger pinch or trapping injuries for a decade – something you won’t get buying from the likes of Screwfix or Amazon.

Total Safety Solutions

Of course, it isn’t just our safety products you can put your trust in – it’s Fingershield itself, for every safety and security situation. We bring added value through our product range, giving you a ‘one-stop-stop’ solution.

You don’t have to spend hours searching on Google for the right product at the right price. It’s all here.

Whether it’s door safety and door security, window security and safety in commercial, retail or domestic premises – Cardea Solutions has the highest quality, tested and proven, safety and security hardware.

Who do you trust with the safety of your people? The answer is simple. Fingershield.

Speak to our team of specialist today on 0161 413 0766 or send us an email to find out more information.