Top Tips for Safely Ventilating Your School

15th April 2021

Top Tips for Safely Ventilating Your School

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, schools have had to adapt and increase their level of safety to protect their pupils and staff.

One of the most important things a school can do to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus is to properly ventilate. The current Government, British Medical Association and World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance recommends that doors and windows be kept open where possible to allow for good airflow.

However, when young children are in your care this must be done in a safe way which prevents accidents from occurring. Therefore, we’re listing our top tips for safely ventilating your school or nursery.


Keeping doors open obviously prevents unnecessary surface contact for staff and students. While some doors have door holders installed, other doors must be held open with other products. Two-way door stoppers are ideal for this job as they hold a door open and prevent it from moving in any direction.

SlamStop Door StopperHappy Hands Door StopperFingershield Door Finger Guard

When a door is held open however is when finger-trapping accidents are more likely to occur due to the wide gap created in the hinge. A gust of wind or an accidental closing of a door can cause serious finger-trapping accidents It is important to have door finger guards in place to prevent this from happening. Extra precautions can be taken by also installing Door Stoppers on the handle side of a door so in the event of a door accidentally slamming shut, it will not close on a child’s fingers. These are especially necessary for early years.

Doorways which lead to the outside are the most important for good ventilation however the unpredictable British weather can mean that freezing cold temperatures can occur at any time. PVC strip curtains can be installed in these doorways to allow for air circulation whilst also helping to maintain the internal temperature to allow for less heat loss and energy wastage. Removable strips means that an adult can remove them during busier times such as lunch time to clear the doorways and install them back on when needed.


Windows being open is the best way for classrooms to ventilate, however for schools which are multiple storeys, open windows present a risk for young children.

It is important to have window restrictors installed on these windows to prevent falls from height from occurring.

Window Restrictor

Fire Doors

Many schools will have fire doors which cannot be left open for safety reasons however extra precautions can still be taken to help prevent the spread of germs. Anti-Bacterial Push Plates and Door Handle Covers made from silver-ion technology are now available which provide up to six months protection. Silver-ion products kill 99.9% of bacteria making it an essential product for fire doors in schools.

Purehold Anti-Bacterial Push Plates Purehold Anti-Bacterial Door Handle Cover

If you’re worried about the safety of the doors in your school, we offer Free Door Risk Assessment surveys to schools and provide a copy of the report for your health and safety file and provide recommendations if needed. Book yours today.

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