Socket Shield Cover Safely Protects From Electrical Accidents

8th January 2019

Socket Shield Cover Safely Protects From Electrical Accidents

Electrical sockets in the home, nurseries and schools do represent a very real danger to children, which explains why there are so many products on the market to try and protect them from electrical accidents.

In the last few weeks and months, however, some of these products have been identified as both useless and, in the worst cases, actually dangerous.

In particular, the website warns against using the type of plug socket cover shown in the picture on the right, of which there are many different styles on sale in the UK from reputable companies such as Mothercare, John Lewis and Boots.

However, as FatallyFlawled points out:

  • No socket covers are available which meet the correct dimensions for plugs!
  • Anything made to the wrong dimensions may cause permanent damage.
  • Socket covers introduce a variety of dangers; they make sockets less safe, not more.
  • Some socket covers have many faults, some just a few, but none makes your sockets safer.
  • No responsible national body recommends using socket covers.

The NHS itself says:

Socket inserts should not be used in health or social care premises, nor supplied for use in a home or residence.  Any socket inserts currently in use should be withdrawn from use and responsibly disposed of.

To see how these kind of socket covers can actually prove dangerous, visit the FatallyFlawed website – there is plenty of information and examples on there.

Cheap Socket Insert

Socket Inserts which the NHS has recommended to stop using.

Plug sockets in Britain are among the safest in the world, they are designed to prevent children reaching the live parts and causing injury or death. Plug sockets that meet BS 1363 standards are completely childproof – there is no need for socket covers like the one above.

However, there IS a very real need to protect children when plug sockets are in use – and that’s where Socket Shield comes in.

Socket Shield works by prevent the removal of electrical plugs from plug sockets – by anyone – not just children! 

The lockable cover can be fitted in just a few minutes, usually with nothing more than an insulated screwdriver and, unlike the socket covers described above, it doesn’t interfere with the in-built safety measures of a BS 1363 approved plug socket. Whether a plug from an appliance is present or not, Socket Shield safely protects the socket from being tampered with.

Ideal for use in homes, nurseries and schools where children may be at risk, in care homes and hospitals where the elderly could put themselves at risk and even in officers where accidental unplugging of vital equipment could cause problems, Socket Shield is the wireless, tamper proof solution to preventing electrical accidents.

More importantly, Socket Shield should not be confused with the socket covers which are at best useless and at worst cause serious safety issues. Socket Shield is a proven safety product that presents no danger to children or others.