SocketLoc Plug Socket Cover – Double


The SocketLoc Socket Cover is designed to prevent children or vulnerable adults from tampering with plug sockets.

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The SocketLoc Socket Cover is specially designed to solve the safety issue of children or vulnerable adults tampering with plug sockets.

Created for double plug sockets, the SocketLoc is a safe way to prevent tampering.

With the NHS calling for the recall of plug socket inserts due to safety issues surrounding the more commonly used and cheaply made ‘socket inserts’, SocketLoc fills the gap for a need to protect plug sockets safely.

Each SocketLoc comes with two keys to be unlocked by an adult as and when is needed. SocketLoc cannot be installed to a socket that has been fitted onto a wall-mounted back box.

Ideal for use in schools and nurseries where young children may try and tamper with exposed plug sockets or for other educational buildings such as ICT rooms, libraries and universities where students may unplug important equipment without thinking to use the plugs themselves.

Please note: This product is currently patent pending.

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