Rearshield Pro XL Door Finger Guard – 1800mm


The perfect complement to the Fingershield ProXL, providing complete finger protection for doors which experience heavy traffic or impact.

The Rearshield ProXL can be fitted at the rear of your door to guarantee total reassurance in the knowledge that finger-trapping accidents have been prevented.

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The No.1 Practical Finger Protector

The Rearshield ProXL is fitted with the Fingershield ProXL, preventing any finger-trapping incidents from occurring on the hinge pin side of the door. It offers greater peace of mind in the sort of establishment where door damage from the impact of items such as trolleys and pushchairs is expected.

Satin Stainless Steel Plated for an Attractive Finish

The Rearshield ProXL is stainless steel plated to make it an aesthetically pleasing addition to your establishment. It is attached to the hinge pin side of the door and can be fitted to most single action doors including automatic doors, as well as new doors and retrofitted to existing doors.


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Standard 1800mm Length


12 Months

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Door Safety