Cardea Pro Cube Window Restrictor


The Cardea Pro Cube window restrictor is an essential safety device designed to prevent accidents and injuries caused by falls from windows.



How it Works

With tamper-proof screws included, the Cardea Pro Cube window restrictor ensures secure installation and offers peace of mind. Its slim and clean profile adds a discreet touch to your windows, maintaining the aesthetics of your space.

This window restrictor is designed to make windows impossible to climb out of, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. It can be easily fitted on various types of windows and even doors, including PVC, aluminium, wooden, and metal profiles.

Key Operated for Access Control

For added security, the Pro Cube window restrictor comes with a key. Installation is quick and hassle-free, taking only 5 minutes in most locations. This allows you to promptly enhance safety and security on your premises without any

Simple Installation

The window restrictor can be installed in just 10 minutes in most locations, allowing you to provide safety and security on your premises quickly.