How Many Schools Are First Aid Ready?

8th September 2015

How Many Schools Are First Aid Ready?

The start of a new term is an exciting time for pupils and teachers alike; lessons will have been prepared, books read and new uniform purchased over the summer holiday ready to begin the autumn term well-equipped.

But as always, the start of a new term will also bring about a fresh wave of school-related accidents, with parents and teachers calling upon schools officials to turn over a new leaf and review best practices when it comes to first-aid.

Finger Trapping Accidents

Unfortunately accidents are an inevitability in any school, and finger trapping accidents in particular are more prevalent than you might think. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), 30,000 children a year trap their fingers in doors. Of these accidents, 1,500 injuries require surgery. Although the majority of these accidents are relatively minor, some children have been left with loss of use in fingers, and have even been faced with amputation in extreme cases.

Recent Finger Trapping Case

In a recent case, an Irish school was sued after a child, Emma Jane Murray, lost action in her finger after it was crushed in a school door. This was deemed as ‘unfortunate’ and ‘sheer bad luck’ by a high court judge, and the child’s claim, filed through her Mother, was dismissed.

Although a number of these cases end up in court, the majority of schools are not found to be responsible for door-related injuries. However, safety is paramount and measures that go above and beyond should be taken to avoid these incidents occurring. In the case of Emma Jane Murray, the school in question was commended by the judge for taking measures and installing door guards following the incident.

So this begs the question, why isn’t every school fitted out with finger door guards?

Take Action

Door guards, such as Cardea Fingershield, completely removes the risk of trapped fingers in door hinges. Covering exposed hinges will prevent all minor and serious finger injuries, protecting both pupils and the school itself from any legal ramifications following accidents.

In the new school year, schools should be preparing for a new push for safety; ensuring school staff are equipped and educated when it comes to first-aid and, although responding to injury is important, staff cannot be expected to prevent these accidents from happening. Implementing safe and correct fixtures and fittings, such as door guards, is essential for providing a safe learning environment for pupils, where they are risk free from injury.

For more information about Cardea’s Fingershield, or to find out more about how to prevent accidents and injuries, get in touch with the Cardea team on 0161 413 0766 or email