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If You’re Happy and You Know It – Don’t Trap Your Hands!

It is well documented that avoidable injuries are costing schools millions of pounds in compensation. Of these injuries, some of the most serious – and that resulted in the biggest pay outs – were trapped fingers. Last year, Wakefield Council paid out a whopping £46,000 after a child’s hand got trapped in a door. In

5 Benefits of PVC Strip Door Curtains in Nurseries

At Cardea Solutions, we’ve noticed the rising trend of Nurseries and Early Years environments investing in PVC Door Curtains. You may be wondering just what the benefits of having PVC Curtain installed in your nursery could possibly be.

Socket Shield Cover Safely Protects From Electrical Accidents

Electrical sockets in the home, nurseries and schools do represent a very real danger to children, which explains why there are so many products on the market to try and protect them from electrical accidents. In the last few weeks and months, however, some of these products have been identified as both useless and, in

School Governors fined after 4-Year-Old Girls Loses Part of Finger in Door

A Greater Manchester Primary School’s board of governors have been fined £4,000 after a four-year-old girl trapper her finger in a toilet door. In September 2016, the girl, who was in reception class, was heard screaming by members of staff and was found with her fingers trapped in the hinges of the door. The injuries later

50,000 Children Crush their Fingers in Doors each year according to BAPRAS

The British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (BAPRAS) released a report this week urging parents and carers to routinely use door stoppers and hinge guards to cut the estimated 50,000 children whose hands and fingers are crushed by doors each year. The report by BAPRAS revealed that fingertip injuries are the most common hand injury seen

Trapping Fingers in Doors can cause Life-Long Problems according to BAPRAS

Both the BBC and The TIMES have reported today that the British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (BAPRAS) is urging parents to fit doorstoppers and hinge protectors on doors around the house to cut the number of fingertip injuries. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), an estimated 30,000 children

Nursery Fined £6,000 After Finger-Trapping Accident

The Leicester Mercury* recently reported that a nursery in Leicester has been charged £6,000 after a two-year-old boy trapped his fingers in a door. The nursery was prosecuted by Leicester City Council after Abdul Malik suffered an injury that led him to need surgery. The company were charged after admitting failing to protect the young

Who Do You Trust With the Safety of Your School?

Those responsible for ensuring the safety of our children in schools and nurseries, staff in offices and warehouses, the elderly in care homes, patients in hospitals and customers and visitors in stores, hotels and attractions still opt for the cheaper option when it comes to safety. That puts at risk the very people they are

Scottish School Scandal Shows Need for Professional Contractors

Poor workmanship and what has been described as malpractice has hit 30 Scottish schools over the last five years, according to a BBC investigation. The schools were all built or refurbished as part of the same public private partnership scheme and suffered the same problems – with wall and header ties, used to hold exterior