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A Day in the Life of Fingershield

A Fingershield may be small but we have a very important job to do. There’s a big clue to our function in the name. As a Fingershield, we protect fingers from getting trapped in doors.

How Many Schools Are First Aid Ready?

The start of a new term is an exciting time for pupils and teachers alike; lessons will have been prepared, books read and new uniform purchased over the summer holiday ready to begin the autumn term well-equipped. But as always, the start of a new term will also bring about a fresh wave of school-related

The Importance of Designing Door Safety in Schools

Prevention is better than cure. At school, children are vaccinated against diseases, taught not to talk to strangers and given hygiene education. So isn’t it important that schools take the same pre-emptive approach when it comes to building design?

Finger and Hand First Aid: What to do First

Each year, 30,000 children trap and seriously injure their fingers in doors both at home and in public places, such as schools and restaurants. The vast majority of these 30,000 annual incidents are completely preventable when the right door finger protectors are implemented (such as the Fingershield), but in the unfortunate event that one of

The Hidden Costs of School Accidents

If you work with small children, you know all too well the vigilance required in keeping them out of harm’s way. A little person’s natural curiosity, combined with a still-developing mastery of motor skills, means accidents can happen at a moment’s notice. Whilst some of these mishaps are unavoidable, it’s crucial that teachers and carers

Do You Have A ‘Demon’ Door?

Whether a school, care home, nursery, home or shop, most premises have one or more ‘demon doors’ – these are doors with a greater likelihood for accidents, particularly ones involving trapped fingers. These tend to be located in high traffic, and therefore high-risk, areas. That’s why we recommend you do an assessment of door safety,

Avoid Trapped Fingers for Children: The Danger Zones

Playful, adventurous, inquisitive, and bursting with energy – children are fearless explorers. Unfortunately, this same zest for life can easily result in accidents. One of the most common injuries reported in schools is that of small fingers being trapped in doors. While the exact numbers vary by source, by the most conservative estimate thousands of